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Cooworking space Eindhoven, the Ruysdaelhof


Looking to rent an office space in Eindhoven or to rent a commercial space in Eindhoven? The Ruysdaelhof is the most beautiful, coziest, and greenest business court in Eindhoven and also includes cooworking spaces. 


Most beautiful?

Doors made of raw canal sheet piling. Paving with old cobblestones from Amsterdam Central Station. Sleek floors with underfloor heating. Impeccable finishing. Everywhere.



A cozy court with 6 different building structures, people working everywhere, a total of 20 small businesses. Just like a small village. At the same time, everyone enjoys their privacy with their own front door, kitchen, and bathroom.



126 solar panels and electrically heated with a heat pump, making most businesses in the court 100% sustainable and energy-neutral. Everything is perfectly insulated, and LED lighting is used everywhere.


You are welcome to come and take a look. We are easily accessible, close to all highways, but also close to the city center. There is an abundance of free parking spaces. Interested in renting a space? Contact us at

Small office space for rent in Eindhoven


The spaces at Ruysdaelhof are available for rent as office space, commercial space, studio, workshop, or workspace. At Ruysdaelhof, both small office spaces and small commercial spaces (30 m2) are available for rent, as well as larger spaces up to 250 m2. Examples of companies at Ruysdaelhof are:

Beautiful hub for businesses

Ruysdaelhof may well be the most beautiful, cozy, and green office courtyard in Eindhoven. Every aspect of this unique location has been carefully designed and shaped, offering a special experience for visitors and residents.


What makes Ruysdaelhof the most beautiful? It starts with the doors, which are made from raw canal sheet piling, and the pavement made of old cobblestones from Amsterdam Central Station. Inside, the sleek floors are equipped with underfloor heating, and perfect finishing can be found in every detail.


You may have been looking to rent an office space at Strijp S, Microlab, or Sectie C, and now you have discovered Ruysdaelhof. Ruysdaelhof is a hidden gem that may have escaped your attention. With a unique atmosphere and a small-scale layout, Ruysdaelhof offers a special experience for those looking for an inspiring space.



But beauty is not the only characteristic of Ruysdaelhof. It is also a cozy place. The courtyard has a friendly atmosphere, with six different building structures and people working everywhere. It feels like a small village, where interaction and a sense of community are central. At the same time, everyone enjoys their own privacy, with their own front door, kitchen, and bathroom facilities. For Dutch text click here.

Perfect location


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Interesse om een atelier, kantoor ruimte of bedrijfsruimte te huren in het leukste bedrijvenhof van Eindhoven? Mail ons om te vragen of mogelijkheden zijn!

Ruysdaelhof, 5642 JM, Eindhoven